• GAS ATOMIZED POWDERS / available in fine < 63 µm and coarse < 500 µm fractions with low gas and impurity content
  • WATER ATOMIZED POWDERS / available in fine and coarse fractions, come with high energy stored giving enhanced wetting
  • COMPONENTS / made by HIPing, LSN atomized or by casting, proof or fully machined
  • HIGH TEMPERATURE BRAZING PASTES & AIDS / in paste form for spray, stencil, printing or extrusion applications

LSN Diffusion technical team has over 450 years combined experience in designing , constructing  and operating atomizing systems. Alloys are made to recognized international standards or formulated to customers specific requirements.


Powders are produced for Surface Engineering, High Temperature Brazing, Additive Manufacturing (3D-printing), Hot Isostatic Pressing and Powder Metallurgy applications.

LSN Diffusion offers a comprehensive QUALITY management system and technical service for all products and has a fully equipped laboratory, R&D atomizing facility and is accredited to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, GS 3001 and SABRe.