World headquarters. The location's capability includes: main manufacturing facilities, research & development and laboratory.
For any technical or commercial questions please contact
+44 (0) 2921 303200
Cilyrychen Industrial Estate
Llandybie, Ammanford
United Kingdom
SA18 3GY


Surface Flow Technologies Inc (SFT) is located in Brownstown, MI.  SFT provides warehousing of products and powder processing capabilities, including screening, blending vacuum brazing and surface coating.
For any technical questions please contact
phone +1(313)948-36-00


LSN Engineering GmbH is located in Aachen, providing technical support for the companies products including new product development.
+44 (0) 2921 303200


Diffusion Engineers Limited are joint venture partners in LSN Diffusion Limited since 2013, providing warehousing in Nagpur and technical support for LSN Diffusion products, used in Surface Engineering, High Temperature Brazing and 3D Printing applications.
+91 7104 232084